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for Windows 7 Upgrades Verified

Technophiles like ourselves who are also frugal have, in the past, purchased upgrade editions of Windows, and been able to do a clean, fresh install either by entering a prior valid license key or inserting a CD for the older software at install time. That went away with Vista, which required a hacky workaround, but now Microsoft is completely shutting down even that methodology, for Windows 7.Why the big deal about a being able to do a clean, fresh install with an Upgrade edition? If you install an upgrade on top of an well used copy of Windows, you've got all that leftover dross on your hard drive. Typically, extra crappy drivers and unneeded files are left behind, using up drive space, but also possibly destabilizing the system.We realize many will take this route anyway, simply because you won't "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" have to reinstall all your programs and drivers in that case. Not us, though.Without a way "Anabolika Definition" to this, the only way to get a "relatively" clean install is to install an older OS (say Vista) cleanly, then install 7 on top of it. That will pretty much minimize any extra garbage on the system.An alternative, and perhaps even cleaner, would be to install the Windows 7 RC first. That requires a fresh install, anyway. Then you can install the Windows 7 release on top Testosterone Cypionate Steroid of the RC.Technically, however, this isn't an upgrade. Microsoft calls this a custom installation. You'll have to reinstall any programs in place, however, which is why it's not really an upgrade.Still, if you want a clean install that won't contain any remnants of Vista, it's the cleanest you can Winstrol Juice do. At that point, we'd take a snapshot of the disk, using something like Acronis' True Image, and then if we ever need to restore a clean copy of Windows 7, we've got it on hand.Oh, and for those who might ask why anyone should complain about having to install an old OS, since after all the consumer bought an upgrade copy, the reason is not just the hassle of having to install the older OS, but also the fact that the end user has to keep around the install media and all the license info as well. What a hassle.Yes, we realize we could buy a full, not upgrade copy, but really, we've been "supporting" Microsoft for years and don't see why we have to go through the extra expense, aside from adding to Microsoft's bottom line, that is.Caveat: there is, of course, always a chance that Microsoft will modify the upgrade process; October is a ways away. However, once the RTM build is seeded, that will be it.It looks like you are misinformed about the changes to the upgrade install process.If you want to reinstall at a later date, you won need your old license key or the old copy of Vista installed.Why is this different now? Because now when you install an upgrade version, it requires the old OS license key which will then be tied to your new Windows 7 key on Microsoft servers. The benefit to you is that you can toss those old Vista media and license keys, since they will be invalidated on Microsoft servers. However, that also means you can then use that copy of Vista on another new machine. That old directory is more of a way to make things easier for you, Microsoft could have just deleted it. This "Clean Install" option is available even without the RC installed. And for those of us going from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS, it actually the only option allowed.The upgrade version just wants your old license key just once, so it can be tied to it forever on Microsoft servers. So the only "Anadrol 50" fundamental difference to the "full" and "upgrade" version is how the license keys are validated on the first try. After that, they are the same. In fact, I wouldn be surprised if the media is EXACTLY the same when you get it from Microsoft, just that the license keys are different so they can be handled differently on Microsoft side. The upgrade version requires an activated version pre installed on the PC every time you install.Let say you want to reinstall your upgrade version of Windows 7. In order to do so you need to install a Windows Vista version, activate it, and then install the Windows 7 upgrade.To be honest, Windows Vista would have required this as well if the "two install" workaround had not been discovered. You have to do what Microsoft calls (their terminology) a custom install.You confusing the first upgrade activation and subsequent reinstalls of Windows 7. Microsoft has confirmed that they now require an activated key on the harddrive when you FIRST upgrade. This is something new.However, what is also new is that when you do your first upgrade activation, it will disable your Vista key, so you won be able to activate it again. You have been only licensed for one copy of the OS, not two. This means that you won be able to install and activate Vista again. Lucky for you, Microsoft will have tied your new upgrade key to your old one, so you can just use your Win 7 media with your new key "Oxandrolone Powder India" if you need to reinstall. In fact, the option for a "clean install" is always available to you. And it actually required for XP to Win 7, and 32bit to 64bit upgrades. In fact, an inplace upgrade which leaves old crap on your system is only available if you are going from Vista 32bit to Win7 32bit, or Vista 64bit to Win7 64bit. Those are the ONLY scenarios where you even have the option to do an upgrade which leaves old crap on your hard drive. Just because the activated OS is required to be there at first doesn mean the upgrade process will have to use Tren 75 Pills Side Effects any of the old files. You will always have the option to not use the old stuff in the new installation and you won have to keep "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" your old media around.The only drawback to the changes are for those who wanted to end up with two license and for those who have their copy of Vista sitting in a box on their desk instead of installed. Tough cookies for the first group and a minor TEMPORARY inconvenience for the second.What I would love to do is what I used to be able to do: reformat the hard drive, enter a key or CD to validate an old install, and then install 7.What Microsoft has said, AFAIK, is that each time you will need an activated copy.Shoot, I been using Windows for years, even if Microsoft said they wiped all the dross from the system when upgrading from an older OS I would not believe them.

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